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Kurilpa Bridge

NFK worked on this project with the lead contractor Baulderstone, to resubmit new drawings for 16 openings that required glass and fittings on the bridge's canopy. The glass needed to cantilever and move with the bridge. NFK offered a complete service to Baulderstone, who managed the construction of the bridge's span.

Phil Reed of Baulderstone said NFK gave the team in charge of the canopy some good and timely advice.

NFK fulfilled our wishes to 'beef up' the framing for the 16 glass canopy sections and provided the spider fittings we wanted for this one of a kind project.

"The company also helped solve some issues we had with some of the deck lights by trimming the stainless steel around them to help maintain the overall look and style of the bridge."

Phil explained that the bridge adheres to the tensegrity principles in that no two compression members touch. Instead, this cable-stay bridge has 20 masts and 80 cables, along with horizontal spas, keeping it above ground.

It was designed by Tristram Carfrae of ARUP Engineers who also designed the Beijing Olympic Pool structure. His submission, along with architects Cox Rayner, won the competition offered by the Queensland Department of Public Works for the design of the bridge.



This state-of-the-art showpiece also incorporates significant solar energy through the incorporation of 84 solar panels to power the bridge lighting. "It was imperative for us to use quality products that would meet our engineering requirements but not exceed the many constraints associated with a lightweight bridge of this type" said Phil.

"Hayden and NFK have worked well with Baulderstone to create a bridge of which the Queensland Department of Public Works can be proud," he added. "One of the reasons I chose NFK is that I can trust them to get the job finished."