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Biloba Hydraulic Hinges

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Cabinet Hinges

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Furniture Connector


Mirror Clips


Door Pull Handles


Handle H


Flex Connect Range

Folded Angle Brackets

Frameless Balustrade System

Frameless Shower-Screen Hardware


Door Stops

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Handles & Knobs

Header Bars


Indication Latches and Keepers

U Channel Aluminium


General Fixings & Fasteners



Screw Self Tapping

Screws & Bolts

Wall Plugs

Glass Clamps

Handrail Systems and Components


Handrail Brackets


Hydraulic Door Closers

Concealed Overhead Closer

Floor Spring


Patch Fittings

Locks and Lock Keepers

Patch Fitting Accessories

Patch Fittings

Pivoting Door Systems

Point Fixings

Pool Fence Hardware

Pool Gate Locks


Top Pivots

Safety Mirrors

Sliding Glass Door Systems

NFK51 Sliding Door Systems

NFK52 Sliding Door Systems

Sadev Components

Sadev DIRECT Frameless Glass Sliding Door System

Sadev Medium Frameless Glass Sliding Door System

Sadev STRONG Frameless Glass Sliding Door System

Sliding Door Handles

Vitris Portavant Sliding Door Systems

Spider Fittings

Sadev Fin Spiders

Sadev Spiders

Spider Fitting Heavy Duty

Spider Fitting Medium Duty

Spider Fitting Micro

VITRO 250 Spider Fitting

Standoff Fixings



Complete Standoffs

Standoff Components

Structural Brackets

Glass Lifting Transport Storage

A-Frames and Trollies

Glass Vacuum Lifters

Hand Suction Lifters

Hire Vacuum Lifters

Kappel Vacuum Lifters

Plate Grabs

Transporting and Storage Accessories

Ball Castors

Corner Protectors

Shipping Pads

Table Felt

Truck Accessories

Glass Processing Machinery

Diamond Wheels & Tools

Diamond Cup Wheels

Diamond Cup Wheels

Belt Sanders

Machinery Parts

Polishing Wheels & Compounds



Peripheral Polishing Wheels

Polishing Cup Wheels & Cerium

Glazing Tools and Accessories

Abrasive and Diamond Tools

Abrasive Sharpening & Dressing Tools

Abrasive Tool Accessories

CNC Diamond Wheels and Tooling

Conventional Abrasives

Diamond Cup Wheels

Diamond Drills & Countersink Tools

Diamond Hand Pads

Diamond Peripheral Wheels

Diamond Saw Blades

Glass Scratch Removal Systems

KGS Diamond Abrasives

Backer Rod

Cleaning Products

Drill Bits

Double Ended Panel Drills

Drill Sets

Gauge Jobber Drills

Imperial Jobber Drills

Imperial Long Series Jobber Drills

Masonry Drills

Metric Jobber Drills

Metric Long Series Jobber Drills

Single Ended Panel Drills

Spear Point Tile Drills Tungsten Carbide

Stub Drills

Tile Drill Alpha

Driver Bits

Countersink for Aluminium

Hex Insert Bits


Phillips Driver Bits Double Ended

Phillips Driver Bits Single Ended

Security Sets

Square Driver Bits

Torx Bits

Tri-lobular Driver Bits

Triwing Bits

Dry Joint Glazing System

General Glazing Tools

Adhesive Sealant Guns

Block Lever

Dust Brush

Hacksaw Frames and Blades

Hammers and Mallets

Metho Bottle

Point Drivers


Rivet Guns and Accessories

Round Edge Template

Sash Clips

Scrape and Pry Bar

Slurry Bags


Spline Rollers & Accessories

Vinyl Rollers

Glass Cutting and Cutting Fluids

Circle Cutters and Parts

Cutting Fluid

Cutting Wheels, Holders and Axles

Glass Cutters

Replacement Heads

Speed Cutters

Glazing Pliers and Snips

Glazing Squares and Straight Edges

Hack Out and Putty Knives

Knives and Blades


Marker Pens and Pencils

Measuring Tools

Angle Finders

Measuring Lasers

Metal Rulers

Tape Measures

Telescopic Rules


Molecular Sieve


Paint and Primer

Pet Doors and Screen Mesh

Power and Air Tools

Putty, Linseed Oil and Whiting Powder

Safety Products


Ear Plugs



Hard Hats

Kevlar Wrist Guards

Leather Wrist Guards

Safety Glasses and Goggles

Sealant and Adhesives

Setting Blocks and Packers

Clear Setting Blocks

Glass Setting Blocks

Horseshoe Packers

Setting Block Rubber

Tapes and Films

Adhesive Bump-Ons

Double Sided Foam Tapes

Double Sided Specialty Tapes


Masking Tape

Mirror Tape & Vinyl

Packaging Tape

Protective films & tapes

Single Sided Foam Tapes

Single Sided Specialty Tapes

Stretch Films

Tape Colonial Bar

Windscreen Tools