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Frameless glass: trend or timeless?

From high-end architecture to budget-friendly builds, frameless glass features heavily in residential design, with facades, doors, balconies, pools and interior walls receiving the frameless glass treatment. Here we explore why the enduring popularity of frameless glass reaches far beyond a ‘design trend’ to offer a timeless connection between old and new.

Glass is a modern classic in 2023

Now considered a mainstream construction material, working in glass was once considered avant-garde in building design. After experimenting with glass in exhibition halls, railway stations and other public buildings, the obsession with creating transparent, all-glass structures to maximise light and minimise solid wall construction really took hold. Since curtain wall glazing transformed our city skylines in the 1950s, advances in glass technology have changed the way we build homes forever.

Glass is strong and getting stronger     

Glass has also proven to be one of the most flexible building materials, combining safety and reliability with form and function. Before large-span windows and glass sliding doors became common in our homes, commercial and industrial designers developed glass technology that would hold its shape if broken. Laminated, tempered and chemically strengthened glass continues to evolve to push the boundaries of architectural possibility – and provide more sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives.

Glass is a greener alternative  

As energy costs spiral, we predict more smart glass trends will cross over from commercial design into residential design. These include integrated photovoltaic transparent solar glass that can be applied as a coating to generate 50 times more power than conventional solar panels; and dynamic smart glass that instantly changes its transparency and appearance to save on lighting, heating and cooling. We will undoubtedly see these greener alternatives applied to more homes in the coming years.

Glass is where old meets new

Around the world, glass continues to push architectural boundaries and connect old and new. Many heritage buildings across Europe have been thoughtfully modernised using glass. From the gravity-defying glass shell of Strasbourg Railway to the playful Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.  In-home design 2023, combining glass with heritage details creates a uniquely modern feeling while savouring the beauty of old materials and construction techniques.

Architectural hardware doubles as home décor  

Nothing elevates frameless glass more than well-chosen architectural hardware. In recent years, selecting the right brackets, hinges, handles, fixings and fasteners has become just as important as flooring and wall coverings. Striking architectural hardware can perform double duty as home décor, transforming homes and commercial spaces with effortless cool.

With the addition of well-chosen architectural hardware, frameless glass is both on-trend and timeless, adding refreshing vibrancy to homes on every rung of the property ladder.