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4 Low-Effort Ways to Keep a Shower Sparkling

Keeping a shower sparkling clean has traditionally meant gathering up a small arsenal of harsh cleaning products, but it was in the past.  Here’s how to get a grubby shower squeaky clean, without too much effort using only effective professional cleaning products. 

4 Low-Effort Ways to Keep a Shower Sparkling:

1. Wipe Your Shower Daily

Soap scum is notoriously difficult to remove once it has set in, so a daily wipe will make all the difference. Your best bet is to squeegee the walls and glass doors after every shower.

The biggest problem with soap scum is that it's not easy to spot at first. It settles in as a thin, filmy buildup that blends in with your tub, but from there it can grow into dark mildew and even mould. This is especially true in the grout between tiles. Mildew and mould need water to flourish, so the surest way to avoid the outbreak is to wipe down your shower walls and doors with a dry towel after.

2. Spritz on Cleaning Spray

Regular maintenance is key to avoiding the gruesome cleanup of mould and mildew, and using a shower spray each day after you bathe is the easiest way to maintain a clean shower without a lot of effort. 

Spray NFK premium quality glass cleaner with its unique fast cleaning and sparkling finish onto the walls and glass —and that's it. No scrubbing is necessary. Pair shower spray with the magic wiping paper and you'll be able to avoid the dreaded deep clean for months. A multipurpose paper is ideal for mopping up liquids and hand wiping. QuickDry quality makes it stronger and more absorbent than ordinary paper. 


3. Erase Away Stains and Grime

Use an effective cleaner to remove water spots and old stains from glass and other shower hard surfaces. We recommend "Just Like New" Cleaner - it’s non-toxic and at the same time extremely effective professional cleaner. 

It’s available now in new packaging: a non-abrasive application pad together with "Just Like New" Cleaner paste

It is safe on your skin, and you can safely use it around children. 

4. Stop the Soap Scum and Mineral Deposits

If you're no stranger to mineral deposits on your glass shower doors you can prevent the buildup from forming in the first place. 

Try applying a squirt of NFK’s Glass Protectant to the shower glass doors and tyles every three months to repel water in the first place.


The advanced chemistry of NFK’s Glass Protectant is formulated to reduce water stains, dirt, and chemical build-up on the glass while also reducing cleaning time and effort when required. The clear, long-life coating is simple to apply and re-apply without leaving any visible film on the glass.