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Innovative Fitting Solutions for Glass Doors - Biloba Hydraulic Glass Door Closers, Hinges & Patch Fittings

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Biloba by Colcom has invented the Oildynamic hinges revolutionizing the glass market by combining Italian design with technical expertise. This made Colcom a competent world leader in self-closing hydraulic hinges. NFK is the Australian importer & distributor of these fantastic hinges. The aspiration for the highest quality and best services for the customer is always in focus.

Biloba Unica - hydraulic door closer for frameless glass doors 

Designed to offer smooth and effortless door closing. This hydraulic patch fitting brings a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and security to glass doors.

Installation of a hydraulic door closer for frameless toughened glass doors has never been easier, cleaner or faster. Cutting out concrete and setting closer boxes into the floor is no longer necessary. Three holes and it's done!

Biloba Original - Self-Closing Hydraulic Glass Door Hinge

Being Italian-manufactured and cycle-tested for more than 1 million actions, the quality of this product is second to none. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. We offer different types of hinges: Glass to Glass 180° Hold Open, Glass to Glass 180° Non-Hold Open, 90° Wall to Glass Offset Hold Open, 90° Wall to Glass Offset Non-Hold Open, 90° Wall to Glass Full Back Plate Hold Open, 90° Wall to Glass Full Back Plate Non-Hold Open in several finishes. The closing speed of those hinges is adjustable via one small screw. 

Biloba EVO - Oil Dynamic Door Closer 

Introducing the revolutionary oil dynamic door closer - the perfect solution for all-glass external or internal doors. Biloba EVO Hinge is designed to provide maximum convenience and functionality: adjustable closing speed and constant braking control. It prevents unhinging through a shock absorber and has an over-pressure device that avoids breaking in accidental shoving scenarios. Whether you have a right-hand or left-hand glass door, this door closer has both variations. Made in Italy, it boasts exceptional design, engineering, and manufacturing quality that you can trust. One of the highlights of this product is its quick and effortless installation process. With minimum time and effort required, you can easily enhance the functionality and safety of the external doors. 

The key feature of these hinges is their internal mechanisms and oil dynamic systems, which are protected by international patents. This innovative technology ensures smooth and controlled door closing, preventing any unexpected slams or accidents.

Triloba  - Oil dynamic door closer 

A great advantage of the Triloba system - apart from its unique shape and design - is the ability to “surface-mount” the bottom hinge directly onto the floor. There is no need for messy and time-consuming installation of in-ground floor closers. Should the door/s require removal in the future, a building tenant has only three small drill holes in the concrete to fill. Aluminium door heads with Concealed Overhead Closers can be eliminated.

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