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Peripheral Polishing Wheels for Glass Processing Factories

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Explore the world of glass polishing with our extensive range of Peripheral Wheels designed to deliver impeccable results. From rubber bond to synthetic rubber and rigid bond, our collection caters to various applications and preferences.

EFX BLUE SERIES E Resin-bonded polishing wheels epitomize excellence with their superior blend of high-quality abrasives, enriched with a high cerium oxide content. Crafted to perfection, these wheels boast internal water holes for efficient cooling, ensuring unrivalled durability and quality. Experience the brilliance of a flawless finish coupled with maximum productivity and exceptional flatness of the glass edge. Available in straight, 22.5° incline, and 45° incline types, with a diameter of 150mm.

Step into precision polishing with our Peripheral Rubber Bond Polishing Wheel TOP G Series, tailored for double-edger, straight-line, and CNC machines. With a diameter of 150mm and 25mm, this wheel promises optimal performance.

For the initial stages of the polishing process, our Synthetic Rubber Peripheral Wheels in 9R and 9RS Series offer versatility and efficiency. With a diameter of 200mm and grain options ranging from 40 to 120, these wheels, infused with added abrasives, ensure optimal self-dressing for a seamless experience.

Looking for cutting power and exceptional polishing characteristics? Our Synthetic Rubber Wheel RR Series, with a diameter of 200mm, promises unmatched performance.

Embrace precision with our Polyurethane Peripheral Wheel-Rigid Bonding RG Series, featuring internal water holes for a flawless finish on CNC machines. With a diameter of 150mm, this wheel is your go-to for impeccable results.

For manual and CNC machines, our Rigid Bond Peripheral Wheel TOP 1 Series delivers unparalleled performance in glass edge polishing. Available in diameters of 100mm, 25mm, and 50mm, this tool is engineered for perfection.

Experience the efficiency of our Rigid Bonding Peripheral Wheel NFK Series, equipped with internal water holes and available in various diameters to suit your needs.

Elevate your CNC machining experience with our Astra Series Rigid-Bonding Wheels, boasting a diameter of 150mm for precision polishing.

Last but not least, our MB1 Series offers a rigid type of bond wheels, supplied with a backing plate for enhanced stability. Ideal for polishing the arris, these wheels ensure a superior finish, especially when used after a diamond wheel. With a diameter of 130mm, excellence is guaranteed.

Discover the epitome of glass polishing perfection with our range of Peripheral Wheels.

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