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High-quality Polishing Cup Wheels for Glass Processing Factories

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Unleash productivity, versatility, and reliability with our range of polishing cup wheels, designed to meet the demands of both monolithic and laminated glass across various thicknesses.

Experience the epitome of precision with our Synthetic Rubber Cup Wheels, available in various series to cater to different stages of polishing:

  • Synthetic Rubber and Cerium Oxide Wheels 10S Series: Ideal for achieving a medium polishing finish, with diameters of 150mm, 130mm, and 125mm.
  • Synthetic Rubber Wheels 9R Series: Organic bonding ensures optimal performance for the initial stages of polishing, with diameters of 150mm and 125mm.
  • Synthetic Rubber Wheels 9SR Series: Infused with added abrasives for enhanced self-dressing, recommended for the first stage of polishing. Available in diameters of 150mm, 125mm, and 75mm.
  • Synthetic Rubber Wheel RR Series: Engineered for high cutting power and superior polishing characteristics, with a diameter of 75mm.

For specialized applications, explore our Polyurethane Polishing Cup Wheels N99 Series, featuring rigid bonding for machines with a single polishing position. Perfect for arris-making, available in diameters of 150mm, 130mm, and 100mm.

Elevate your polishing game with our Cerium Cup Wheels X3000, X5000, and X7000 Series, renowned for their exceptional buffing capabilities, delivering a high-quality final finish. Available in diameters of 150mm and 75mm.

Embrace reliability and efficiency with our Stone-type Cup Wheels, boasting rigid bonding for unparalleled performance:

  • CD Series: Perfect for glass arris polishing post-diamond wheel usage, offering exceptional lifespan and polishing quality. Available in diameters of 150mm, 130mm, and 75mm.
  • SD Wheels: Tailored for arris processing without diamond wheels, available in diameters of 130mm and 100mm.

Unlock productivity and versatility with Italian-made wheels, designed for various glass processing machinery, ensuring long life and reliability.

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