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NFK Hand Suction Lifters have single or double suction cups that deliver exceptional suction power, ensuring secure attachment during operation. Furthermore, servicing and spare parts are readily available for popular models.

NFK Glazing & Industrial Suppliers have been selling vacuum lifters and providing after-sales service for over 40 years, therefore we have good expertise and deep knowledge in the Industrial Glass lifting field. Today we offer over 20 models of hand-suction vacuum lifters for sale throughout Australia. Our vacuum lifters come in various shapes and sizes. 

Using hand suction lifters for glass requires a delicate touch and attention to detail. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure safe and effective use:


Choose the Right Lifter: Ensure your suction lifter is appropriate for the size and weight of the glass. 

Clean the Glass Surface: Wipe the glass surface clean to remove any dust, oil, or debris. A clean surface will enhance the suction grip.


Check the Suction Cup: Ensure the suction cup is clean and free of any damage or wear that might compromise its ability to create a seal.

Create a Seal: Press the suction cup firmly onto the glass surface,then apply the vacuum. Most suction lifters have a pump or lever to create suction—make sure it's fully engaged.

Test the Seal: Apply gentle pressure to check the vacuum strength and make sure it holds securely before lifting the glass.

Lifting and Moving the Glass:

Use Proper Lifting Techniques: Lift the glass slowly and steadily, avoid sudden movements, sharp turns or sudden stops that might apply unnecessary force on the suction cup.

Wear Appropriate Safety Equipment: Always ensure full PPE is used when lifting glass

Work with Assistance: For larger or heavier glass, have someone assist you by supporting the glass while you maneuver to increase safety.

Additional Tips:

Monitor the Suction: Periodically check the suction lifter to be sure the vacuum level is being maintained. 

Storage and Maintenance: Store the suction lifter in a special case and regularly inspect the suction cups for any signs of wear or damage.

Remember, safety is paramount when working with glass. Always assess the weight and fragility of the glass before attempting to lift or move it. If you're unsure or uncomfortable with the task, consider seeking help to handle the glass safely.

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