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Glass Vacuum Lifters

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Kappel Glass Vacuum Lifters are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany. NFK Glazing & Industrial Suppliers has been selling and providing after-sales service for glass vacuum lifters for over 20 years, therefore we have good expertise and deep knowledge in the Industrial Glass lifting field. Today we offer over 18 models of vacuum lifters for sale throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our vacuum lifters come in various shapes and sizes. 

We supply Vacuum Lifters from Kappel GmbH who have been producing manual and motorized vacuum lifters since 1988. Kappel lifting equipment is modern and reliable; and meets 100% Australian safety standards. High quality and safety are proved by hundreds of customers who have been using Kappel lifting equipment on an everyday basis. 

Our post-saling service includes: 

  • Supplying separate vacuum lifters’ components for replacement 

  • Providing regular risk assessment. 

Hire Vacuum Lifters Australia-wide

NFK offers a range of glass lifting equipment for rental, Australia-wide. Our vacuum lifters come in all shapes, sizes and lifting capacities from 300 to 2000 kg to suit any application. Whether you call them - glass suckers, vacuum rigs or glass suction lifters - we have them! For further information - on available models and dates, please call us.

You can hire a vacuum lifter from our range Australia-wide for 1 day or as long as needed. Hire rates for longer periods are by negotiation. To make a booking, please contact our Sales Team

Hand Suction Lifters

We offer a wide range of hand-suction vacuum lifters. NFK Hand Suction Lifters are equipped with single or double suction cups that deliver exceptional suction power. Its suction strength is both strong and firm, ensuring secure attachment during operation. Furthermore, servicing and spare parts are readily available for popular models, ensuring long-term usage and easy maintenance.