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NFK offers a range of glass lifting equipment for rental, Australia-wide. Our vacuum lifters come in all shapes, sizes and lifting capacities from 300 to 2000 kg to suit any application. Whether you call them - glass suckers, vacuum rigs or glass suction lifters - we have them! For further information - on available models and dates, please call us.

Vacuum Lifter Delivery Information

Pick up vacuum lifter from Perth (Western Australia) and Brisbane (Queensland). We offer delivery from our warehouse to yours within 1-3 days, for details please contact us. Read indicative delivery terms below:

  • Sydney, New South Wales: usually 1-2 business days
  • Melbourne, Victoria: usually 2-3 business days
  • Brisbane, Queensland - 1 business day
  • Perth, Western Australia - 1 business day
  • Other - contact our Sales

  Get Free Fast Delivery Australia-wide if you hire vacuum lifters from us for 3+ weeks. 

Hire Vacuum Lifters 

You can hire vacuum lifters from our range Australia-wide for 1 day or as long as needed. Hire rates for longer periods are by negotiation. To make a booking, please contact our Sales Team

Safe Operation of Glass Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters used for handling and transporting glass are common on building sites. While vacuum lifters have made it much easier to lift and transport huge panels of glass, are they totally safe? 

The following five rules can help guide you on what your vacuum lifter can safely handle:

  1. Choose a vacuum lifter's capacity suitable for your needs. Check our specifications or contact our Customer service team to find the correct lifter to support the weight of the glass to be lifted.
  2. Take extra care with horizontal lifting- move the glass up and down slowly and smoothly. Fast changes in speed or sudden stop/start movements can cause deflection.
  3. Consider the panel shape - shape and surface area can also affect the lifting capacity. Larger pieces of glass may require more vacuum cups with "extension arms" or larger suction pads.
  4. Use additional support - while vacuum lifters are powerful, use additional support such as extension arms for big glass panels.
  5. Follow manufacturer guidelines - a final reminder to always follow the manufacturer guidelines and recommended procedures for safe lifting and handling. Each vacuum lifter may be slightly different and it is better to check first than find out too late.

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